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Der kleine Bergtroll

The little Mountain Troll


The picture book Der kleine Bergtroll tells the story of a small monster that becomes a great hero.

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"I would love to frame and hang up every single page! Incredibly cute characters and a beautifully illustrated story inspire young and old and make this book an absolute treasure for me."

Michelle Freter, Thalia-Buchhandlung Aschaffenburg

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"A wonderful story with great illustrations. This is the great adventure of the little mountain troll and his friend Mr. Tapserich. An adventure that makes them heroes. A great story to read aloud."

Friederike Gärtner, Thalia-Buchhandlung Wildau

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"The small mountain troll would like to discover the world as a pirate. Can the adventurous princess daisy help him? But first he has to save her from prince Schnösel and the evil trolls. Beautifully illustrated story for young and old from 3 years."

Christine Holzner, Osiander Aalen

Look inside the book!

"This secret tip convinces with its fantastic illustrations and a lovable hero."

C. Schimmele, Thalia-Buchhandlung Stuttgart

Frankfurter Buchmesse Special Edition 2020
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You love fantasy and have small children?

Then look forward to the picture book to read aloud, look at and dream – for you and your little princess or troll!

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More Information

"Der kleine Bergtroll" "Der kleine Bergtroll" is a fairytale cardboard picture book whose story is set in a medieval fantasy world. The high-quality illustrations were created by the artists of Grafit Studio, who have already masterfully illustrated the world of the Witchers in "Gwent - The Witcher Card Game". The recommended age is from 4 years. But if you read Grimm's fairy tale to your 3-year-old child, you can also read this story to him without hesitation.

Der kleine Bergtroll has been published in German on october 22th, 2019.

ISBN 978-3-9820857-0-8

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